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Read up on raw customer questions and our direct responses

How To Remove "Powered By CloudPano"
How many free tours are included in my CloudPano account?
Customer Inquiry: Can I access my whitelabelled tour using the original CloudPano link?
Customer Inquiry: I have a complex Custom Javascript requirement I want to implement myself.
Customer Inquiry: My account is shared with another person and they just deleted my tours! Can you restore my tours and how can I prevent this from happening again?
Customer Inquiry: I need more information how to use Custom JS
Customer Inquiry: I need invoices and receipts
Customer Inquiry: A long time ago, someone created a tour for me on their account. Can I move a tour to my account to own the tour?
Customer Inquiry: It would be nice if we were able to create folders in the my tours area to consolidate and organize tours.
Customer Inquiry: When I capture exterior spin with the Automotive App, I run out of time before I walk all the way around
Customer Inquiry: I want to hide or change Sharing features for the end user. I want to hide elements of the tour.
Customer Inquiry: Can I change the font of tour title
Customer Inquiry: Can I use a special hotspot icon?
Customer Inquiry: Is there any way to change the language in cloudpano without having to change the browser language?
Customer Inquiry: The initial view of my GSV tour is incorrect
Developers: Extract shortId from tour URL
How To Customize Virtual Tours With AI and Create Custom CSS With ChatGPT On CloudPano
Cloudpano load time, bandwidth, and number of users that can access at one time.