I create a lot of tours each month and use contractors to fulfill the editing of the tours. So we have multiple people all using the same account. One of the people with account access got mad and deleted a bunch of tours. Can you restore deleted tours, and what can I do in the future to prevent this?


We can restore deleted tours for all customers on our Pro Plus plan and above. You don't need to be Pro Plus or above at time of tour deletion, but must be at that level at time of restoration.

To prevent this happening in the future, we recommend using the Teams feature. A Teams/multi-seat approach would be sufficient.

Master account creates and owns the tours and shares to a team. Contractors can be members of the team with seperate accounts that have edit permissions to complete them. Edit permission does not allow tour to be deleted.

You can get multi-seat discounts as low as $6 a user by chatting with us.

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