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Understanding the Google Street View (GSV) Publishing Process with CloudPano
Understanding the Google Street View (GSV) Publishing Process with CloudPano

You can edit tours after publishing to GSV. We never delete content from GSV.

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This article will clarify the functionality of CloudPano when publishing a virtual tour to Google Street View (GSV).

What should I know about uploading photos with CloudPano to GSV?

CloudPano only uploads photos by linking them to a specific address or Google My Business listing.

If you are looking for your published photos on Google, make sure you are looking at the exact listing to which you associated your tour.

For example, a common issue is someone will publish a tour to GSV associated to a business name, "Queen Cupcakes, 123 Main St, Springfield, MO" but then look on Google Maps at "123 Main St, Springfield, MO." The listing for a business and a plain street address, even if used by a business, are two distinct listing on Google Maps. You can publish to either.

Does CloudPano ever delete photos from GSV?

No, CloudPano never deletes user content from Google. If you remove an image from a tour that has been published to GSV, and then publish to GSV again, the image will not be removed from GSV.
Likewise, if you delete a tour from CloudPano, the images on GSV and your Google Photos will be unaffected. If you wish to delete any photos associated with a certain address, you need to do it manually using Google Maps functionality, outside of our app.

Can I update my tour after publishing it to GSV?

Yes, you can update your tour after publishing it. Just make your changes on CloudPano and click "Publish to GSV" a second time.
CloudPano creates and updates (if necessary) the connections between photos and adds information about levels. We also create and modify metadata of your photos, such as pose degree and other details.

If your updated tour contains new images, we will push those to GSV. However, as mentioned before, we don't delete any images. So, if a new image is intended to replace a previously published image, you will need to manually delete the old photo from Google.

Basic Rules to upload tours successfully on GSV!

Remember, our support team is always available to help if you have any more questions about the GSV publishing process with CloudPano.

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