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Use Calendly to book appointments on CloudPano
Use Calendly to book appointments on CloudPano

CloudPano Live lets your users schedule showings with you via Calendly.

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CloudPano helps businesses and clients book more appointments and sell to more customers. CloudPano Live is our video chat feature that allows you to host live video calls on a virtual tour. You can walk people around your virtual tour, similar to Zoom.

By turning on CloudPano Live, you will see an option to enable a "Book an Appointment" button that allows users to book time on a specific calendar event. Our integration with Calendly makes it easy for users to schedule CloudPano Live calls with you.

How to Enable the "Book an Appointment" Button

You have two options for booking appointments: Book via CloudPano Live or Book via Calendly. To use Calendly, add your calendar URL to a specific calendar event.

To enable the "Book an Appointment" button, you must first turn on CloudPano Live. Then, click the CloudPano Live icon, and turn on the "Enable Book an Appointment button and receive request via email" option.

Using Calendly Integration

Simply paste your Calendly link into the "Book via Calendly" option. You can even preview what the calendar event will look like before publishing it. Once you have published the link, users can click the "Book an Appointment" button and select a time that is available on the calendar.

Using CloudPano Live for Video Calls

When a client books an appointment using the "Book an Appointment" button, they will receive an automatic email with the location of the call. This location can be set to a CloudPano Live video chat call, making it easy for the client to join the call directly from the email.

When the prospect clicks on the link, they can log in or join as a guest to join the call.

Use Calendly without CloudPano Live

You can of course use Calendly links outside of CloudPano Live. Simply embed you Calendly link anywhere on a tour using Infospots or Custom Javascript.

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