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The image quality of my image on CloudPano is worse than I expect.
The image quality of my image on CloudPano is worse than I expect.

If your image quality is worse than you expect after exporting from your editing software like Lightroom, check this article.

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CloudPano has over 3 million scenes hosted on our platform. Our scenes are the highest quality in the industry (see our article on image resolution, here).

If you are having trouble with the quality of your image after uploading, here is some things to know!

We expect quality to be the same

To the human eye, the quality of an uploaded and source photo on CloudPano will be identical. We do not make any modifications to color range. The resolution of our images is the highest that 360 renderers will support. Our compression algorithm is the same algorithm used by service providers such as Facebook, Cloudflare, and Google.

Here is a before and after of a scene before and after uploading to CloudPano.

You will notice that there is no difference in the images. πŸ‘

If quality is not what you expect

Verify that you are uploading the correct image to CloudPano. We often see situations where someone thinks they are uploading the highest resolution version of their image but is actually uploading a thumbnail version.

Another scenario we see is that someone is using agressive compression settings when exporting their image from Photoshop or Lightroom. If exporting to JPG, we suggest using a minimum compression of 80%.

Alternatively, you export your photo as a lossless file such as PNG and WebP. Lossless means that image will not be compressed at all by the export software.

Just don't forget, we have an image upload limit of 50MB.

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