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What is the maximum resolution of a picture I can upload to CloudPano?
What is the maximum resolution of a picture I can upload to CloudPano?

CloudPano allows the highest resolution images to be uploaded to our platform. Our maximum is 23,000 px wide and 11,500 px tall.

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The maximum photo resolution of a single image that can be uploaded to our platform is 23,000 x 11,500 pixels. This means that images taken with drones such as the DJI will have no problem being uploaded to our platform.
If you have trouble uploading your image, and your image is less than our upload size limit of 50 MB, then check the resolution.

How do I know if my image exceeds the maximum pixel size?

When you capture a 360 scene with any camera today, it is highly likely that the image will not exceed 23,000x11,500. This resolution is extremely large. Typically, you will only capture images this size if you specifically set the option (if your camera even allows for it!).
A failed upload will look like this on CloudPano:

Failed image upload on CloudPano

Check the resolution of your photos on OS X

To check the resolution of an image, navigate to the image in finder and click Get Info.

Find information about 360 high resolution file on CloudPano.

Observe the Dimensions in the window that pops up. In this example image, the resolution exceeds 23,000 x 11,500 and will fail upload.

Check the dimensions of a high resolution 360 image on OS X.

Resize the image and try again. If you have more trouble, just chat us in the lower right of the app at any time!

More technical information

The technical limit of our upload is any image that exceeds 268,402,689 total pixels. To find out the total pixels of your image, multiply the height and width of the image.

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