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How to use Depthmaps on your Cloudpano virtual tour
How to use Depthmaps on your Cloudpano virtual tour

In this article, we'll show you how to use Depthmaps to enable 3D transitions

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Depthmaps are images where the pixel color defines the distance (or 'depth') of a certain surface. These files are used by computers to give a 3D effect to your scene photos and can be generated by some 360 cameras during capturing or by using software tools during post-processing.

Coming next:

  • Depthmaps enable immersive VR experiences by creating stereoscopic viewing and depth perception in a scene.

  • Expanded movement possibility - We call this "6 degrees of freedom." Instead of simply rotating around a scene, you can now do translations forward, backward, left, and right (controls coming soon).

  • Measurements - lays the foundation for measurement tools on a scene.

  • And more!


You can add Depthmaps one-by-one to any previously uploaded scene at any time. To associate Depthmaps automatically to a scene during uploading, match the filenames of your scene image and depth map, and then simply add “_depth” to your Depthmap file name.

For example: “Kitchen.jpg” for a scene name and “Kitchen_depth.jpg” for its automatically associated Depthmap.

We hope this answer helps you. If you have any clarifying questions or would like more details, please chat with us or call us anytime and reference this article.

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