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How do I upload 360 Video to CloudPano?
How do I upload 360 Video to CloudPano?

Learn more about uploading videos using the mobile app, How to upload 360 videos and What else can a video file be used for here.

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CloudPano works with 360 Videos! Our 360 Video feature uses CloudFlare to deliver video all over the world. The video will load instantly on the user's device, and will adjust the quality of the video according to the user's connection speed - just like Youtube.

Can I upload video using the mobile app?

No. If you are using the Virtual Tour Creator App on iOS and Android, you CANNOT upload video from the Photo Library - only photos.

You must use the webapp to upload 360 Videos.

How to upload 360 videos?

To upload a 360 Video Panorama, please use the web app which may be accessed at via mobile device or desktop.

The web app will automatically detect that you are uploading a video file. If the video file is a proper equirectangular 2:1 ratio, it will know that the video is a 360 scene, and everything will work perfectly. If the video scene is not displaying how you expect, make sure the video is 2:1 ratio or close to it!

What else can a video file be used for?

CloudPano also allows users to create external Spins of objects. Typically, this is used to create a Spin of a vehicle. Check out this example:

A spin is created by walking around an object an recording a video. The video frames are then extracted and stitched together to allow a user to spin around the object by using his or her mouse.

You should know that the base file of a Spin is a video file. CloudPano tries hard to detect if your video file is likely a Exterior Spin, or a 360 Panorama. We do this by checking the aspect ratio of your file. If the file is 2:1 or close to it, we assume it's a panorama and will render a panorama scene. If the file is not a 2:1 ratio, and is more similar to regular iPhone or Android proportions, we assume you are uploading a Spin. The scene is rendered accordingly.

If we get it wrong, you can always switch the scene type after uploading by clicking Scene Type Icon in top right of the Tour Editor. (In this image below, only two scene types are shown).

You can also specify the scene type explicitly BEFORE you upload a file by clicking, "Add Scene" and "Upload something different than 360" and choosing your scene type:

If you need any more help, just chat us!

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