Sometimes, you need to customize a tour when embedding it on a real estate multi-listing (MLS) site or an auto dealership website. You can customize how a tour is displayed without actually editing the tour by appending a special ?disable= to the tour URL, and then specifiying what exactly you want to disable. For example, ?disable=logo.

One scenario where this feature would be used is when embedding a tour on an MLS site that requires all branding and logos of a tour to be removed.



Another example is that sometimes automotive spins look best with the sidebar buttons removed.

Doesnt this look great?:

How to use the disable feature

If you want to incorporate the removal of tour elements in CloudPano tours, simply append to the CloudPano URL options like this:,sound,ribbon,request,leadgen,floorplan,watermark,controls

You can put whatever you want after ?disable= :

  • logo: top left logo

  • sound: disable ambient sound if it exists

  • ribbon: scene thumbnails

  • request: disable lead capture button if it exists

  • floorplan: disable floorplans if it exists

  • watermark: remove client-entered watermark if it exists

  • controls: remove all buttons such as sharing/external links

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