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Organize your tours using collections, tags, and teams
Organize your tours using collections, tags, and teams

Our Collections and Tags features allow you to organize your tours however you like

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There are many ways to keep your tours organized. We typically recommend using Collections and Tags to organize and present your tours. You can also share your tours with Teams of people.


Collections are like folders - they allow you to organize and share multiple tours as a group. That collection can be shared publicly, or used as a folder on your Tours Dashboard to simply stay organized.

To create a Collection, do so from your Dashboard.

Give the Collection any name you like. Text in the Details field will not be publicly viewable.

Add Tours to your Collection.

When you save your collection for the first time, you will be taken to the Collection Editor. Here you can reorder the tours by dragging and dropping them into new positions.

You can also get the public URL to share later (we will come back to this).

Back on your Tours Dashboard, your tours will now appear grouped in a Collection.

Tap the three dots and choose Edit to return to the Collection Editor where you can make edits or see your tours.

Or click the main image for the Collection to view the Collection publicly.

The Collection can be viewed publicly just like any tour, and looks like this:

In addition to staying organized, Collections are a great way to build unique 360 experiences and present multiple tours together!


Tours can have one or more Tags. You can filter your Tours Dashboard to just certain Tags.

To add a tag to a tour, click the three dots and click "Add Tags"

Type anything you like.

Your Tags will now display overlaid on the tour thumbnail.

You can then filter by Tags using the "Filter By Tags" search area of your Tours Dashboard.


Some people like to organize their tours by sharing them with others. Our Teams feature makes that easy. We don't recommend this as your primary means of organizing your dashboard, but it is a great way to collaborate!

To access Teams, click Share with Teams on your Tours Dashboard sidebar. We also show your three most recently used Teams.

You can view all your Teams from the Teams Dashboard.

Click into any team to manage the team and team tours.


Any questions, chat us FREE 24x7 using the chat widget in CloudPano!

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