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Use Custom Javascript on a virtual tour or digital twin
Use Custom Javascript on a virtual tour or digital twin

You can embed chat bots, analytics tools, lead generation, and more on your virtual tour.

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Extend your tour's functionality with custom Javascript. Anything that you can do with a third party app can be done on tours, spins, and more: features such as chat, pop ups, email capture, lead capture, analytics, and more.

Here's an example of a tour with a chat bot in the corner:

Its easy to embed javascript on your virtual tour. Simply head to Tour Editor -> Settings -> Custom Javascript and paste in your code from third-party tools.

Valid Javascript

To ensure your javascript works correctly, be sure it looks something like this:

<script src="path/to/script.js"></script>


<script> ...code goes here... </script>

If your code still isnt working, try checking it at a place like Paste your script tag into the HTML area to check it. You can also ask for help on our Facebook group, Virtual Tour Profit.

Live Example

We have a quick example of an e-commerce product spin with custom javascript here. You'll notice the tour looks kind of crazy - the point of it is to show the custom javascript popup that opens when the tour loads.

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