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Are CloudPano Virtual Tours ADA-compliant?
Are CloudPano Virtual Tours ADA-compliant?

CloudPano Virtual Tours are accessible and meet the requirements of ADA, WCAG, Section 508, and other accessibility standards.

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CloudPano Virtual Tours meet the requirements of universities, public entities, and regulatory bodies by offering an accessible view of a tour. Our tours can be navigated with a screen reader and in a high-contrast environment.

An accessible version of a tour can be accessed by simply appending /accessible to the end of the tour URL.

For example, if your tour URL is

Then an accessible, screen-reader friendly version of your tour can be accessed at .

What about ADA compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies general guidelines to make sure a site is accessible. Contrary to popular belief, these guidelines are not specific, prescriptive rules that must be followed. Rather, they offer general best practices to ensure a site is accessible.

We implement these best practices and use the guidelines from ADA to ensure our tours meets the criteria for accessibility. ADA is just one set of guidelines - we pay attention to other accessibility guidelines like Section 508, WCAG, AODA, ACA, IS5568 and more to ensure our tours meet the requirements for your project.

To learn more about specific accessibility standards we follow during development, we suggest checking out the World Wide Web Consortium's Accessibility Standards.

What if my tour requires a specific accessibility rule to be implemented?

Sometimes governments and universities have special prescriptive rules that must be followed. Usually, we follow these rules already. But if you come up against an accessibility requirement that is not currently implemented, we can fix it through our Enterprise Solutions team.

Our Enterprise Solutions include custom development and can ensure the specific needs of your project are met. To get started, just click the Chat Bot in the lower right of this screen. We are happy to help you meet the goals of your project.

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