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Hardware Walkthrough: How To Use The CloudPano Spin Kit
Hardware Walkthrough: How To Use The CloudPano Spin Kit
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We recommend Ricoh Theta Z1 camera, VR Kit with rotator and fisheye lens or wide angle lens. The newer Iphones have multiple lenses (0.5x or 1.0x) at the back of the phones. It is best to use wide angle lens attachment on the 1.0x lens iphone because it performs better with better resolution, low light, etc. this allows you to move close and give a better quality overall. We also recommend using an Iphone stabilizer to be able to use two hands to keep the video stabilized. Use a 60 second rotation and once you click on the screen it starts to rotate and capture an entire 360 video. Whenever you are capturing a video, you have to look for the 360 camera, this usually happens when your camera is connected to the wifi. If you cannot find it, it will automatically switch over to mobile caption mode. You can change that option on the middle right of the screen. You can also have the option to upload photos you’ve already taken using the button at the bottom of the screen. If you have your lens, you can change the setting by clicking the option in the bottom right. The yinyang icons represent when the image is closed which will take the portions of the photos. For the Camera kits, click on the mode switch to make the rotation slower for better quality and then click on start.

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