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Customize Preview Image for Sharing on Social Media
Customize Preview Image for Sharing on Social Media
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CloudPano gives full control of your tour to your, the creator. Create a thumbnail that will automatically display when posting to Facebook and Twitter, or sharing in iMessages.

We give you three options to choose from when setting your Sharing Image. You can take the left, middle, or right side of your first image to use as a Preview, or you can upload your own.


Quick Note

Sometimes Facebook gets ahead of itself and caches its own version of what it thinks your Preview image should be. To ensure Facebook uses the most recent Sharing image you set, wait until your tour is complete before sharing to Facebook.

You can always force Facebook to re-scrape your tour URL, and get your latest image using their free tool. Add your tour link into the 'Sharing Debugger' click here:

If you tell Facebook to re-scrape your tour, you will need to re-share your tour in a new post to see the updated image.

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