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Add a Hotspot to Link Scenes
Add a Hotspot to Link Scenes
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Linking one panorama to another is easy. We call our links, "hotspots."

A hotspot can go to any panorama, and you can have an unlimited number of hotspots on each scene. If you want to use a hotspot to goto a URL or display a popup or information, you are looking for our "Infospot" feature. Click here to learn more.

Hotspots can be any image you desire.


Create a tour or edit an existing one. Then, from Tour Editor...

  1. Click 'Link Hotspot' button to connect to another image

  2. Move the mouse pointer to locate your hotspot, and then click to place

  3. Click on any image/room to link the hotspot to a room

  4. Click the hotspot to edit or Hold to drag

  5. Click 'Publish' button

Using a Custom Icon

We allow three default hotspot icons (more coming soon!). To upload a custom hotspot, simply use our Library feature. (TODO CLICK HERE).

For best results, ensure your custom hotspot icon is a transparent png. Any amount of margin around your image is fine, but for best results, try to crop your transparent image to just the image you want to show. Having a half-ince of empty space in your image will make your hotspot icon appear smaller.

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