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For Best Results

Image Format

CloudPano accepts 2:1 equirectangular images for upload. These images are the normal output from any 360 camera. To learn more about shooting panoramas with your camera, click here [TODO].

Example image


Notice in the above image that the width is twice the number of pixels as the height. The odd display of the image is what allows us to project it into a 360 scene that will immerse your clients in your work.

Accepted File Types

We accept .png, .jpg, .tif files. Files may be uploaded from mobile devices (iPhone and Android) or from any desktop. You may upload multiple images at once.

Maximum Number of Images

We accept an unlimited number of images per tour. Other providers limit you to 30 images, and only allow you to shoot indoors. With Cloudpano, you can shoot outside and as many or as few images as you require to deliver value to your clients.

For uploading, we suggest uploading five images at a time.

Maximum Image Size

Images are limited to 50MB in size. A maximum pixel count of 268,402,689 pixels is allowed. This means the width and height of your image, when multiplied together, cannot exceed . [TODO] Images are resized to 8K.


When creating a new tour, simply perform the following:

  1. Click 'New Tour'

  2. Enter a name and click 'Next'

  3. Click 'Select 360 Images'

  4. Select your 360 images and click 'open'

To add photos to an existing tour:

  1. Navigate to Edit Tour

  2. Click Add Images

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