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Working with Automatic Linkback
Working with Automatic Linkback
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What is Automatic Linkback?

When you place a hotspot linking to a destination scene, a return hotspot is placed on the destination scene automatically.

For example, If you place a hotspot on a living room scene and it links to a kitchen, a second hotspot is placed on the kitchen that links back to the living room.

Where is the Automatic Linkback hotspot placed?

The linkback hotspot is always on the destination scene, placed in the opposite direction.

If you place a hotspot going north, the linkback hotspot will be on the destination scene going south.

Why isn't my linkback hotspot in the right place?

You likely didn't set your north point on the scenes. We use the user-defined "north" for each image to know which way is up and down on a scene. If you haven't specified the north point, then what we think is north is actually something like east.
In this scenario, if a user places a hotspot going north, the linkback hotspot is placed going south - but the south that CloudPano is using is incorrect.

If you want to use Automatic Linkback, make sure the north points are accurate for the destination scene before placing any hotspots.

Stick to our recommended workflow to make linkback hotspots always stick in the right location and to make tour building SUPER fast!

What is the recommend workflow?

In short,

  1. Upload images - Make sure all images are in your tour editor.

  2. Rename images - Make sure each scene has the right title.

  3. Set Northpoints - use the compass on each scene to set the true "north point" for the scene. Read more about Northpoints and Navigation here.

  4. Add hotspots - you can place hotspots with automatic titles and automatic linkback

Building tours in this order will allow you to quickly build tours using Automatic Linkback. The scene names will always be accurate and the linkback hotspots will always be placed in the expected location.

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