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Floorplan terms and conditions
Floorplan terms and conditions
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Fulfillment Terms and Conditions:

  • Turn-around time is 2 business days.

  • Users are allowed 3 revisions.

  • If a user does not approve a floorplan it is auto-approved after 3 days.

  • Large commercial or industrial spaces and floorplans that have atypical considerations may be assessed an additional fee. The user must accept the fee before work commences.

  • A fee is assessed per floorplan. For example, a two-story home will have two floorplans.

  • A floorplan may be ordered after a tour is "Published". A status of "Published" in CloudPano and subsequent order of a floorplan(s) will confirm to the designer that the tour is finalized and ready for floorplan creation.

  • If a tour is modified after the floorplan is ordered, we make no guarantee that those changes may be incorporated.

  • While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy of the floorplan, measurements of doors, windows, rooms, and any other items are approximations, and no responsibility is taken for error, omission, or mis-statement after a customer's approval is provided.

  • The plan is for illustrative purposes only and should be used as such by any prospective purchaser or viewer.

Floorplan design considerations:

  • The user may specify whether a logo is included on the floorplan.

  • The user may specify whether areas of the floorplan are named (e.g. "Closet" or "Bedroom").

  • Dimensions are not included on the floorplan unless provided by the purchaser in the "Order Details" field of the order. In the future, a measurement tool will be provided which will allow measurement.

  • While we make every effort to ensure the reasonableness of the floorplan, size and dimensions of rooms and components of the floorplan are approximate, and actual may vary.

  • Unless specified in the "Custom Directions" provided by the client, room names will be included on the floorplan by default.

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